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How to work with your wedding band

End your wedding with a high note by working with your band to create the perfect mood for the reception

The tough part of wedding planning is done: you’ve sat through the demo CDs and taken stock of your choices, and you’ve finally picked your wedding band. Or is it?

Finding and hiring the band is hard work, but making sure that they strike just the right chord (sorry, couldn’t resist) is critical. The day is going to be one to remember, but don’t make it so because the music didn’t match the mood. Often overlooked in wedding planning, thinking through and communicating what music you two tend to like, the ambiance you want for the reception, and, of course, what’s likely to get your guests movin’ and groovin’. After all, great entertainment is the difference between your wedding being a massive hit and an expensive dinner party (because guests might just leave early).

Communication is key

Whether it’s a quick Skype session, detailed email or even an in-person meeting before the big day, sitting down and sharing important details on your musical taste and your expectations can set the tone for the day. You can be as specific as you want, giving information on timings, types of music, or even how you two visualise the day from start to finish. The more specific you are – feel free to bring examples of what you like and what you don’t – the better prepared the band is to deliver on your dream day.

“Sitting down and sharing important details on your musical taste and your expectations can set the tone for the day.”

So where to start?

When it comes to music, the field is broad, so it can be daunting to think about where to start. Think through:

  • What radio stations you like, and don’t
  • What DJs you tend to listen to, and why
  • Favourite bands, musicians and types of music
  • You two: do you two have “a song”? Do you want it played? When?
  • Your guests: are there any special songs you shared with your guests during uni? Your first job? That one night out you talk about all these years later?
  • Special dances: are you going to dance with your dad? What about your groom and his grandmother? Think through special dances and if they should have special songs to match
  • What songs, DJs, groups and genres do you dislike? Make sure to elaborate on this as well so that one song you can’t stand doesn’t come on during your big day

But hold on, this is pretty specific. Could you have just plugged in your iPod?

That’s the beauty of a band. After this session, the band will be more able to deliver a unique, custom set, peppered with the songs you love. BUT, they’ll have the flexibility and even more importantly knowledge to make decisions about what you will like, without you knowing. Bands like Soul Avenue are experts at gauging the mood of the room and matching it with their set choices (combined with what they know you like – and of course what you don’t). So after your initial session, think about ditching the laundry list of specific songs, and let the professionals do what they do best – play for the party!

On the day, don’t worry too much about the band. As long as you’ve managed to connect the band with the venue, if you’ve chosen well and done some prep, those two sets of professionals should be able to hash things out You, of course, will have more important things to think about!

Your wedding day is going to be one you’ll remember for the rest of your life (hopefully for all the right reasons) – so keep your guests (and you!) talking about it for years to come with entertainment that strikes just the right note on your special day.

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