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We have compiled a set of key questions you may have to assist you in booking the right band for your party or event. If you don’t find the answer to your question contact us.

1: How do I book Soul Avenue?

To book Soul Avenue you need to complete a booking form from us that we will email to you and pay a non-refundable £300 deposit. That’s it.

2: Can I see you play live?

Yes you can. We have regular public gigs at a lovely quaint music venue and restaurant situated in The Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. See when our next public date is here.

3: How do I pay?

You can pay either with cash, cheque or online bank transfer, whatever is more convenient for you.

4: How long do you take to set up?

We take no longer than 90 minutes to set up. Most of the time the band would be set up in under an hour but we would always leave 90 minutes just in case.

5: How much space does the band need on stage?

At an absolute minimum the band require 2.5 x 3.5 metres stage space.

6: Do you need us to provide food?

Yes that’s one thing we would request from you. As the band members will be arriving early to set up for your event and then working for the evening, they would appreciate a hot meal before the first performance.

7: We’re getting married and would like to book Soul Avenue for our wedding reception, will you play our First Dance?

Soul Avenue will play your First Dance at no extra cost, it will be included in your quote.

8: I’ve seen your repertoire list, would the band learn any other songs and would there be any additional fees?

The band can learn an additional three songs in total for FREE as long as they are possible for the size of the band you are booking. If Soul Avenue are already playing a First Dance for you we can learn an additional two songs. In order to learn any new songs the band will require three months notice.

9: Is it possible to add any additional musicians to the band e.g. male vocalist,horns etc?

Yes Soul Avenue is can extend the 5 piece band by adding a male vocalist, additional female vocalist, sax, trumpet and trombone. Extending the band with a 3 piece horn section of sax, trumpet and trombone can add spice to help create that authentic Memphis Soul sound. Email for a quote now.

10: How long will the band play for?

We offer a choice of either 2 x 1 hour sets or 3 x 40 min sets which normally will be flexible enough to meet your requirements for your party or event.

11: What do we do for music in-between the band performances?

We offer a FREE DJ service in-between the band sets of specially selected fantastic dance-floor hits on an ipod playlist that we can play through our PA sound system.

12: Our venue has asked me if the band has Public Liability Insurance, do you have this?

Of course. Soul Avenue have Public Liability Insurance cover for up to £10 million.

13: Do you offer any other musical services?

Yes we do. We can also offer a solo classical guitar set or solo classical piano. Either would be a perfect compliment to a wedding breakfast or for that social gathering after a wedding ceremony during canapes!